Search for Existing Opportunities

If you’re ready to find a practice for sale, associateship, or other opportunity, use the checklist below to help you prepare for your search. Be sure to click on each action item for a list of supporting tasks and resources.

Write your curriculum vitae (CV)/résumé and consider including the following:
  • Education (residents should include anticipated graduation date)
  • Professional and research experience
  • Leadership and professional service
  • Publications and presentations
  • Scholastic honors and awards
  • Professional affiliations
  • Licensures
  • Special skills

Helpful Resources:

Create a seeker account on the AAO Career Center and explore available opportunities
  • Other sources include: constituent and component societies, practice management consultants and brokers, career networking events, orthodontic residency programs, and publications such as the AJO-DO

Helpful Resources:

Evaluate opportunities based on available information and determine which opportunities to pursue further
  • Search for practice/organization websites, articles, reviews, journals, publications, etc.
  • Research the location, surrounding area, and population
  • Identify qualities the employer or seller is seeking in a candidate
  • Determine if the opportunity aligns with your personal philosophy, goals, preferences, and desired arrangements
Tailor your CV/résumé for each opportunity you are pursuing
  • In what ways is your experience relevant to the opportunity description?
  • What qualities do you have that match what is listed in the opportunity description?
  • How can you modify sections and/or descriptions in your CV/résumé to match what the employer or seller is seeking?
Write an “about me” cover letter to share additional information beyond what is included on your CV/résumé
  • Describe why you are interested in learning more about the opportunity
  • Briefly describe your background, strengths, values, and goals and how they might be an advantage to the practice/organization
  • Relate your experience, skills, and competencies to the opportunity description
  • Ask the employer or seller for the chance to discuss the opportunity further
  • Thank the employer or seller for their time and consideration

Helpful Resources:

Inquire about the opportunity and include a copy of your CV/résumé and cover letter

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